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The Six Ways I Can Increase Your Conversions


Mapping Your Conversion Funnel


Identify The Biggest “Leaks” and Conversion Boosting Opportunities

Being able to clearly visualize where the biggest growth opportunities are across your funnel is critical to reaching your conversion goals - whether that's reducing CAC, increasing paid users, or improving some other KPI. If you don't know where to focus, you could get stuck spinning your wheels trying to solve low value problems. 

I'll help you explore beyond the surface level metrics most data analysts focus on, and find the clues in your data that will point us toward the biggest conversion boosting opportunities. You'll get a detailed visualization of what's happening along each key step in your conversion funnel, plus explanations of the deeper contextual data that highlights where and how people are getting stuck.

I can help you get the most out of analytics tools like:

  • Enterprise analytics tools like Google Analytics Premium and Tableau

  • Funnel visualization tools like Mixpanel

  • Mobile analytics and attribution tools like Adjust

  • Mouse and click tracking tools like Crazyegg and Hotjar


Conducting Conversion Research


Uncover Why Users Aren’t Converting at Key Points In Your Funnel, and Get The Data You Need to Develop The Optimal User Journey

Once we know where people are getting stuck in your funnel, we'll dig into why it's happening and get a deep understanding of the psychology and emotions behind the problem. I'll conduct in depth studies such as:

  • Customer surveys designed to pin point underlying drivers, emotional triggers, and habits that affect how people perceive and use your product. 

  • Exit and pop-up surveys to collect in the moment reactions to specific steps along the user journey. 

  • User testing walkthrough videos designed to highlight friction points and UX design flaws across the funnel.

  • Analysis of customer service and sales team interactions (call recordings, live chat logs) for overlooked pain points and desired outcomes that aren't being addressed in the funnel. 

  • Competitive research to identify unique advantages and selling points missing from your funnel. 

For each study, I'll conduct an in depth analysis of the responses and data using proven frameworks based on behavioral psychology and neuromarketing. You'll receive a complete report summarizing the results and insights, along with recommended next steps for applying the data to increase your conversions.


Prioritizing The Best Hypotheses


Allocate Precious Resources to Experiments With The Biggest Impact and ROI Potential

In an age of data and information overload, how you prioritize your resources can be the deciding factor between success and failure. You don't just want ideas and hypotheses, you want to pin point the ideas likely to lead to big wins. 

I'll help you establish a clear process for evaluating test ideas based on multiple factors like supporting data, ease of implementation, and potential impact on your KPIs. I'll create a custom dashboard that will allow you and your team to see, at a glance, where all the test ideas on the table rank. So you can easily make informed, data driven decisions on what to test next. 


Crafting Compelling Designs 


Apply Data and Psychology to Design the Optimal User Experience

Rather than blindly touting the latest design trends, I'll walk you through a data driven approach to creating high converting designs. We'll look at UX data from things like user testing walkthroughs, click and scroll tracking maps, and form analytics to determine what friction points in your design could be causing user drop off.  Then, I'll help you employ persuasion psychology to eliminate those friction points and develop the optimal UX through your funnel. 

For A/B tests involving simple design changes, I will handle the front end coding of CSS layouts and styles myself. I'll code and upload these changes through your A/B testing platform of choice.


For more complex design changes that go beyond my coding skills, I'll collaborate with your developers and designers to implement the test. I love brainstorming solutions with designers and developers, and am comfortable working with tools like Sketch and Invision for wireframing and designing mock ups. 


Writing Conversion Copy


Win Trust and Action With User-Centric Messaging

Many copywriters have backgrounds in PR and content, where the central focus of the writing is on the brand or topic being communicated. My background is in conversion focused copy, where the writing lives or dies by the leads, sales, and revenue it generates. 

This type of writing focuses solely on the user or customer, and how to best connect with their needs, frustrations, and desired outcomes. Many SaaS companies make the mistake of applying the same PR/content writing style across all their messaging, and miss a huge opportunity for using conversion focused copy to connect with the deeper psychological motivations that will drive users to choose your product (or not). 

I'll analyze the copy you're using across your landing pages, product pages, email sequences, and in-app messaging for overlooked conversion boosting opportunities - and then write new copy variants that we can A/B test. I'll also help you on a strategic level to optimize your product positioning, unique competitive advantages, and value proposition. And find the best way to communicate those key selling points to your audience. 


Testing and Validating Hypotheses


Feel Confident In Statistically Solid Data and a Provable ROI, Without All The Usual A/B Testing Headaches

The rise of A/B testing platforms with WYSIWYG design editors and built in statistical calculators has made testing accessible to teams everywhere. Unfortunately, these platforms haven't completely eliminated the need for some deeper data science and developer "know how" to avoid common pitfalls that can invalidate the test you worked so hard setting up. 

Do you run your tests for full business cycles, even if the A/B test software says you found a winner? How many conversions are enough to stop the test? Can you update some copy on another page while the test is running? What about when you test during holidays or new feature launches? Did you remember to QA the test variants on multiple devices? Do you have the proper instrumentation and analytics set-up to track the test outcome?

These are just a few of the common questions that can come up around A/B testing, which if answered incorrectly can lead to big headaches around the corner. I'll make sure you are following all the statistical and technical set-up best practices when I implement your tests, so you can feel confident with solid data and a provable ROI for every change we test.

You could hire a conversion copywriter, usability consultant, UX designer specializing in persuasive design, conversion analyst, front end developer with A/B testing experience, data scientist, growth process consultant, and growth strategist...

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