My Mission to Double 500 SaaS Funnels

What would doubling your growth funnel look like?

What would doubling the performance of your SaaS funnel actually look like? 

There are lots of ways to double the performance of your growth funnel:

  • You could double the conversion rate of a key web page - doubling the number of new trial users or demos you acquire from your marketing.

  • You could double your average customer retention life cycle - doubling the number of times customers purchase from you over their lifetime of using your software. 

  • You could add a referral strategy to your funnel and increase your virality - doubling the number of new users entering your funnel.

  • Or you could leverage some other key point in your funnel - like increasing your activation rate with better user onboarding or optimizing your pricing. 

But doubling a single step in your funnel is often tough to pull off (although not impossible).

It's much easier to approach funnel optimization multi-dimensionally i.e. look for small improvements across multiple steps of the funnel that can add up to BIG gains. 

And the coolest part of multi-dimensional funnel optimization is that it has a compounding effect on your results! Just increasing 3 key steps of your funnel by 25% essentially doubles the funnel's output.


You can assess the multi-dimensional growth potential of your SaaS start up with the calculator below, and see just how realistic doubling your funnel is when you approach growth from multiple angles.

I'm on a mission to double the performance of 500 growth funnels. Find out how I can help you double your funnel's results.

Calculate the multi-dimensional growth potential of your start up and see how possible doubling your funnel is:


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