Growth Case Studies

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Case Study #1:

Scaled from 2 million to 15 million users

"We consulted with Ryan Berg for over four years, and during that time ran dozens of a/b tests on our marketing that yielded significant increases in response - in many cases double or even triple digit gains. Ryan's marketing optimization efforts were instrumental in helping us scale from 2 million users to over 15 million users. 


Ryan brings a breadth of expertise to the table, easily connecting complex dots across the entire user experience - from customer acquisition channels, to landing pages, to email campaigns, all the way down to optimizing the product itself. He has a remarkable ability for extracting profitable insights from a wide variety of data sources, and making those insights easy to grasp for stakeholders." 

– Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer

Case Study #2:


Multiple split tests yielding double digit increases in conversions

“We’re very pleased with Ryan Berg’s systematic approach to optimizing our web site, with multiple split tests yielding double digit increases in conversions for us (and lots of valuable lessons on what our target audience does and doesn’t respond to). He ran several tests on our home page focusing on copy changes, with two tests resulting in a 15% and a 13% improvement in conversions respectively. Another design test on the home page boosted conversions by 25%. We use a multi-step conversion process, and Ryan was very thorough in determining where the “leaks” were across our funnel. Another test he ran on a page deeper into our sign-up process increased total conversions by 40%.”


Case Study #3:


400% Increase in Conversion Rate

“I just wanted to write you and let you know how well it’s been going since you helped me with my sales letter! When I first found you online, I’d hired a copy writer for over $3000 and still ended up with a weakly performing sales letter that was only converting at about 1%. It was pretty depressing.

After my consultation with you, my sales have gone up over 400% to an impressive 5% conversion rate! I never thought I would get conversions that high. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Rebecca Saltzburg

Case Study #4:

Sales Doubled

“Seeing is believing and I am always amazed at what a difference a well-written sales letter can make. My sales doubled as soon as I put Ryan Berg’s letter that he had written for me on my site. You could have knocked me over – the change was that dramatic. I really have to say that Ryan’s copywriting is the BEST! Well worth the money – and how often can you say that? Thanks Ryan – I appreciate your talent.”

– Carole Martin

Case Study #5:

16% Conversion Rate

“I wanted to thank you for your great copywriting! I just finished my latest product marketing campaign and the results were FANTASTIC! The sales page you developed yielded a sales conversion rate in excess of 16%!!! Clearly, your services were definitely a worthwhile investment.”

– Michael Beck

Case Study #6:

1,400% Increase in Sales

“I gave Ryan Berg a try and after testing his copy for 2 weeks, I noticed that my e-book sales went from about 1-2 a week to 2-4 a day. I had posted on forums, asked for advice, read Internet marketing newsletters, but still couldn’t bring my sales above 1-2 e-books a week. The new improved copy had made all the difference (I now never underestimate the power of well-written copy!) I am grateful to Ryan for giving my business a second chance.”

– Milana Leshinsky

Case Study #7:


Sold Out High Ticket Seminar

“Ryan knows how to find the balance between protecting a brand and closing sales. His copy gets results and his “no nonsense” style is refreshing among creatives. I recently used his copy to sell out a high ticket training seminar in Las Vegas. I highly recommend Ryan for your next project.”

– John Warrillow

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